rTables for Linux -- Changelog

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Development Tree
  • DMZ network is now "trusted".
  • Optimized install script.
  • Added code to flush the nat table.
  • Changed the source directory structure some.
  • Added support for "trusted" hosts.
  • Fixed problems w/DMZ/INT tables introduced in
  • Altered install.sh script to work better w/Debian.
  • Added several email services.
  • Optimized the code and added a few features.
  • Major code rewrite (removed some functions that did nothing but call other functions).
  • Altered the setup of the tables to decrease end table size.
  • Added support for lpd.
  • Moved default install locations to prevent script from breaking if /usr/local is not mounted for some reason.
  • Fixed internal variable problem.
  • Added install documentation and script.
  • Added support for IP-MASQ.
  • Cleaned code up quite a bit.
  • Tested functionality of internal LAN.
  • Added support for some services (most notable: ssh, http, https, ftp).
  • Added majority of base code for easy addition of other services.
  • Initial development release.


Last Updated: 10/15/03 21:00:34